Cinnamon of Madagascar

Cinnamon is the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. The tree is 8 to 10 meters high. The name cinnamon comes from the similarity between the cinnamon sticks and the hollow stems of sugarcane. There is a distinction between the « real cinnamon tree », Cinnamomum verum, which grows in Ceylon or in Madagascar, and the Cinnamomum aromaticum, which comes from China. The harvest is made after the rainy season, so the bark is fatter and richer in flavor. Three years branches are cut and splited by 20 cm in order to separate the bark. Then it is rolled and sun-dried. Madagascar’s cinnamon is popular for its low rate of coumarin (a slightly toxic molecule for the human body).

Properties : It lowers blood glucose levels and act like a bacteria.It also has the reputation to be an aphrodisiac. Used as an essential oil, it acts against intestinal diseases, urinary disorders, the lack of concentration and asthenia. It supports digestion and gases expulsion, it calms stomach and intestinal spasms. Cinnamon also possesses a stimulating action on the uterus, the cardiac muscle and the respiratory system.

How to use it ? In meat, poultry or veggetable stews, - In desserts or fruit salads, -In hot beverages like tea, chocolate, wine, -in rum.