Rock Crystal


The most beautiful quartz crystals are formed in the cracks and crevices of rocks rich in silicia, hence the name rock crystal. Usually they are transparent and colorless, randomly arranged in groups, in cluster imitating a floral or pyramidal bouquet. Often accompagnied by other minerals, such as feldspar and calcite. Some quartz contains various minerals inside. There are rutile needles, tourmaline, amphibole, or chlorite flakes.

Rock Crystal is the most common mineral on Earth. In the world, the most beautiful quartz crystals come from Madagascar, Brasil (Minas Gerais) and the USA (Arkansas). The coloration of some minerals is due to the presence of iron oxide traces, of manganese  or because of the inclusion of foreign minerals. Its hardness and its chemical resistance (only soluble into hydrofluoric acid) allows the use in electronic. In lithotherapy : rock crystal is a curative and energetic amplifier, it absorbs, releases and regularizes the energy.

Warning : The use of minerals in lithotherapy does not in any case exclude the continuation of a medical treatment and to consult a doctor.