Petrified Wood

Madagascar petrified woods are mainly conifers, the most represented species. Approximately 220 million years old, they date back Mesozoic era.

Thoses trees can reach important size. Carried by rivers, and then burried under sedimentary deposits in West Madagascar, they have fossilized by the epigenization principle (wood carbon is replaced by silica, organic matter).  

Sawing and polishing reveal all the tints of those trees, on which bark and growth rings apper clearly. Minerals entering in their composition are chalcedony and quartz, variating between hues of white, beige, brown, black and red. The red color is due to the presence of iron; the green color comes from copper and nickel. In lithotherapy, silicified wood is very good for arthritis and rheumatism. It also strengthens the nervous system and brings vitality.

Warning : The use of minerals in lithotherapy does not in any case exclude the continuation of a medical treatment and to consult a doctor.