Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil- Cananga odorata 
Steam distillation of flowers

The voluptuous perfume of the Ylang Ylang, which means the flower among the flowers, soothes the most anxious, relaxes the atmosphere, and brings the hearts together by creating a sensual and flowery ambience. Madagascar’s Ylang Ylang is acknowledged by professionals for the constancy of its quality.
The « complete » quality is closer to the flower’s original essence than its extract, and its perfume is more balanced, less strong

Ylang Ylang essential oil helps to regulate the heartbeat and is advised in daily use for tachycardia.

Properties : Anti-spasmodic, nervous soothing, sedative

Use precautions : Not recommended for pregnant  and breast-feeding women, and for children under 6.

Warning : The use of essential oils does not in any case exclude the continuation of a medical treatment and to consult a doctor