Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger essential oil- Zingiber  officinalis Roscoe, Sakaitany, Sakamalaho .

Steam distillation of fresh rhizomes

Used in case of difficult digestion and against muscular and articular pains, ginger’s reputation is due to its action as a general energizer. Distillation of fresh rhizomes… perfume and unique aroma.

Properties and indications : General, digestive and sexual energiser, suggested for general tiredness, constipation, impotence

In synergy with tropical basil and peppermint for its digestive action.

In synergy with Katrafay for its anti-inflammatory action

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic indicated for rheumatisms, in synergy with lemon eucalyptus, lary, calophyllum in external use.

Use precautions : Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women, and for children under 6.

Warning : The use of essential oils does not in any case exclude the continuation of a medical treatment and to consult a doctor