Essential Oils

Madagascar is a botanical sanctuary, its richness in medicinal and aromatic plants, highlighted by a high endemicity rate, reflects the singularity of this natural patrimony, enhanced by aromatherapy. Thanks to artisan and peasant culture, to particular agronomic conditions and to an unpolluted environment, the distillation of common plants in Madagascar reveals excellent essential oils. Unlike what the name suggests, those extracts are not necessarily oily. Essential oils are obtained either by steam distillation, either by extraction (zest), and in this case, it will be an essence. The amount of essential oil extracted from the plants is low, not to say tiny.

Special precautions 

Keep away from young children
Those products cannot replace a balanced diet.
Not to be used during pregnancy, lactation and for the children under 6 years without a medical advise.
Store it away from heat and light
External use in dilution from 1 to 20% in a vegetable oil
Eventual skin irritation if used pure
Warning : The use of essential oils does not in any case exclude the continuation of a medical treatment and to consult a doctor.